10 April 2021 / Club News

Minis & Juniors Restart Sun 18th April!!

Rugby starts back next Sunday (18th April) Why not get your kids's few things you might want to to know about us and also what rugby does to help children.

🏉 Great fun for a start

🏉 Reason to go outdoors and engage in physical exercise

🏉 Involves a lot of cardiovascular activity; this helps to build a strong heart and lungs

🏉 Building friendships and learning to work as a team

🏉 MASSIVE confidence booster

🏉Disapline and so so much more! .... Here is what you may want to know about us...

🏉 We start from the age 4 to 10 ( at the moment)

🏉 Tag rugby until the age of 8 then it goes to contact

🏉Every session is fun and exciting

🏉Membership until the end of the season is £3 per child // £2.50 each if there's siblings (price is to be renewed but it will only be a few pounds more)

🏉NO fee at every training session

🏉Covid rules are in place to ensure everyone is safe Why not enquire or sign up now! It will benefit in the long run. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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